Color: lemon white (lemon)
ROCK I. (M) - lemon
BELLE A.K.A. OLD BELLE 1859 (F) KCSB1464 - lemon
DASH II A.K.A. RANGER 1869-05 (M) KCSB1408/4264 (1st (ShWin)) - bluebelton
FRED III 1867 (M)
LILL 1867 (F) KCSB8213 - white orange and ticked
FRED I 1853 (M) KCSB1371 - lemon
CORA II (F) - bluebelton
FRANK (M) - lemon
FRED II 1862 (M) KCSB1372 (Ch (UK)) - lemon
JET 1864 (M) KCSB1385 (1st (ShWin)) - bluebelton
MOLL III (F) - bluebelton
MOLL III (F) - bluebelton
ROCK (M) - orange white
KIT 1867 (F)
WONDER A.K.A. JUNO 1872 (F) KCSB1567-KCSB1514 (1st (All-Aged-Stakes)) - lemon
QUINCE 1867 (M) KCSB1400 (ShWin) - lemon
QUINCE II 1868 (M) KCSB1401 - lemon
SNOW 1873 (F) KCSB5087

Owner: Edward Laverack, GB
Edward Laverack, GB
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