Color: black, white and tan (bluebelton)
PSYCHE (F) KCSB1537 (1st (ShWin)) - bluebelton
RHOEBE (F) KCSB1546 - bluebelton
BRUCE 1868 (M) KCSB1324 (FTCh (UK)) - bluebelton
DAISY 1869 (F)
DAN 1869 (M) KCSB1336 (1st (Ch.-Stakes)) - bluebelton
DORA 1869 (F) AKC346 (1st (ShWin)) - bluebelton
ROB ROY 1879-04-21 (M) AKC228-KCSB1417 (FTCh (UK)) - bluebelton
RUBY 1870 (F) KCSB1554 (1st (Pu-Stakes) + 2nd (All-Aged) + 1st (Braces)) - bluebelton

Owner: Mr. Tait, GB
Mr. Tait, GB
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