1888-03-14 (M) AKC21262
Color: white black tan and ticked (bluebelton)
GLEAM'S PINK 1891-01-08 (M) AKC32907 - bluebelton
PINK'S BOY (M) - bluebelton
GLEAM'S SPORT 1891-01-08 (M) AKC32906 - lemon
MARIE'S SPORT 1894-05-29 (M) AKC53180-FDSB147 (FTCh (USA)) - bluebelton
FAIRLAND FLEET 1900-02-02 (F) FDSB6387 - bluebelton
FAIRY SPORT 1897-03-20 (F) AKC49720-FDSB6375 - bluebelton
MARY TUDOR 1902-05-20 (F) FDSB14557 - orange white
SPORT'S DESTINY 1897-07-16 (F) FDSB446-AKC48929 - bluebelton
SPORT'S GATH 1897-07-16 (M) FDSB1901-AKC54037 - bluebelton
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