1910-09-28 (M) KCSB796R
Color: Noi.PBl.Env (bluebelton) / Qualifications: Ch
MALLWYD RALPH 1917-01-21 (M) AKC250440 - bluebelton
GRAYLAND SNOW BIRD 1921-12-05 (F) AKC359864-FDSB80012-CKC45 (CH) - bluebelton
SELKIRK JULIET 1923-08-22 (F) AKC582495 - bluebelton
MCCONNELLS NORI 1924-08-05 (M) AKC574721-CKC56653 (CH) - bluebelton
RACKET'S RUMMEY 1922-12-25 (M) AKC428961-CKC40936-FDSB12 (CH) - lemon
BLENHEIM VIOLET 1927-05-24 (F) AKC727487-CKC81607 - bluebelton
LADYSMAN OF JAGERSBO 1933-02-07 (M) AKC901414-CKC122467 - bluebelton
LAKELANDS NYMPH 1930-07-18 (F) AKC827089 - lemon
MALLHAWK RACKET'S BOY 1926-03-26 (M) AKC595867-FDSB141713 - lemon
MCCONNELLS NORI 1924-08-05 (M) AKC574721-CKC56653 (CH) - bluebelton
RUMMEY OF AVANDALE (M) CKC106541-AKC915099 - bluebelton

Breeder: Thomas Steadman, GB / Owner: Thomas Steadman, GB Thomas Percival Saulbrey, NZ
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