1924-08-05 (M) AKC574721-CKC56653
Color: Noi.PBl.Env (bluebelton) / Qualifications: CH
SELKIRK MALLHAWK'S JULIET 1927-03-31 (F) AKC659056-CKC71384 - tricolore
FLORA MALLHAWK 1930-08-06 (F) AKC796547 - bluebelton
MALLHAWK'S JEFF 1935-05-22 (M) AKCA1910
KANANDARQUE RACKET'S BOY 1932-12-07 (M) AKC920907 - lemon
BLUE BAR LIMITED 1938-05-12 (M) AKCA293396 - lemon
MARK OF STAGBORO 1934-07-11 (M) AKCA49263 (Ch) - lemon
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